28 de novembro de 2011

Old SYS posts

A couple more SYS post and the progress done over this year.

Skin: Curious Kitties - *C:K* Pink Cherry Mermaid - Skin

Eyes: Curious Kitties - *C:K* Pink Cherry Eyes
Hair:TRUTH - Gwyneth - silver
Suit: Tomby's - T's-Type81-CySuit-hot Gloves
Scarf:Mentine - Fringed Scarf
Gloves: Neur0lab - KomBi-X1 CyberGloves
Belt: Neur0lab X-1 Belt v1.5G
Legwarmers: AKEYO
Shoes - A gift from Eku I haven´t taken of since i got them
Back Layer: Curio Obscura - Clockwork Inside Jacket
Makeup - M.O.C.K Cosmetics - Nerd Purple Lipstain (Lipcolor only)

Long time since i posted in this thread and today i finally got to try some of the Plastik huge group gift pack, i also stoped at Elikatira and grabbed their freebie hair here on pic (and you´ll find there another style in the 50L friday that is gorgeous btw). The outfit is called Mynerva i belive and is from Bare Rose, was 140L or something like it, so i managed a pretty cheap and put together look.

Skin: Mynerva - Kianna Apricot (on both pics)
Shape: Mine
Dress: Evie´s Closet - Will 'O The Wisp - Green
Sandals:Maitreya Gold * Flip-Flops Fawn
Hair: elikatira -Falling (it´s new and it rocks i also grabbed the 50L friday one)
Eyes: LAQ - Reflect true dark eyes

Skin: Mynerva - Kianna Apricot
Shape: Mine
Dress1: JANE - tank dress.chevron.delicious
Dress2: JANE - sack dress.tweet.charcoal
Sandals:Maitreya Gold * Flip-Flops Fawn
Hair: elikatira -Falling 
Makeup: [mock] Q Dark Warm Brown C.C. Camelot Mizu Makeover (e/l)
Eyes: LAQ - Reflect true dark eyes

Long time since i visited the Lisboa Portugal sim, looks a lot better now and they recreated properly the Praça do Comércio, i wanted to do more pics in a look at me i´m a tourist style, but shadows where being a pain and i had this black line near my horizont on every pic except this one. I also wanted to take some pics in Neph´s new awsome mesh Boots 

Skin: Mynerva - Kianna Apricot
Shape: Mine
Eyes: LAQ - Reflect true dark eyes
Makeup: M.O.C.K.
Blouse: [LeeZu!] Arabesque Blouse /green
Shirt:{mon tissu} Lollia Tank Top - Yellow Buds
Jeans: Zaara - Classic Jeans Indigo skinny
Boots: PixelDolls - Drovers boots (short)
Necklace:{mon tissu} Floral Disk Pendant - Gold
Glasses: (A very old item from) Tickled Pink - Grace Eyeglasses
Hair:elikatira - Away - Reds

Skin: Mynerva - Kianna Apricot
Shape: Mine
Makeup: M.O.C.K. - Mouthy Mock- Oriental Cameo
Dress: PixelDolls - Tropico . black
Necklace and Earrings: Bewildebeest - Alma Necklace - Silver - Onix
Hair: Elikatira - Away Black

Skin: Nuuna - Ellivu
Shape: Mine
Eyes: LAQ - Devoted Amber Eyes
Makeup: M.O.C.K. - Golden Gilded Plumage Eyeshadow
Outfit: Bare Rose - Neo Pisces Lady
Necklace: Bewildebeest - Alma Necklace - Gold - Smoky Quartz Gift
Hair1: Wasabi Pills - Aria Mesh Hair - Iceberg
Hair2: Wasabi Pills - Reptilia Hair - Iceberg

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