21 de fevereiro de 2012

My Nasty Sins

The Festival of SIN is up since Saturday, I stopped by on sunday morning trying to avoid the lag that is usual during these events.
After going tru most of it slowly, and mostly camming about, I managed to do some shopping, and reflected about all my nasty and deligthfull little sins.
Greed is one of my worst ones, of course like most bloggers I want all the things my hoarding abilities extend from everything, clothes, textures, shoes…And i can´t be stoped. Halp!!!

Wrath, it comes and it goes, sometimes it´s understandable, sometimes it´s not warranted like everyone, poor person who faces a woman´s wrath.

 I can´t sing, I never could, i tried honestly, to learn but even years in a choir did nothing, it´s a gift I certainly lack, while others where naturally born to do it and I defenitly envy them.

This is the one sin i give into daily, gluttony, one of my many vices is chocolate, I know, I know. I love it so much, I cannot stay away from it, so what I decided some years ago is, have a little piece of chocolate everyday, it doesn´t have to be big, but have it.

Ah, Lust! Don´t we all lust for that special someone? I love you Darwie.

I try not to be proud but sometimes it will hold me back from picking up that phone and saying I´m sorry.

Sloth and telly go so well together, sometimes it doesn´t matter what´s even on, sometimes it´s just background noise, others is perfect for a bowl of popcorns and some cuddling in the couch.

Visit the Festival of SIN open until the end of February Festival of SIN
Skin: Mynerva – Kianna
Eyes: Candace Hudson – Glossy Brown Moss
Hair: Elikatira – Here
Skirt: Perception – Shetland Wool Skirt
Top: Ingenue - Wanda Halter
Shoes: lassitude & ennui – Mesh Boudoir mules (Festival of SIN)
Rings: Schadenfreude´s Gatcha (Festival of SIN)
PIDIDDLE – Wrath Set (festival of SIN)
M.O.C.K.  Cosmetics - Lavendar Frost eyeshadow (Group gift)
Microphone: estetica: diva 2  (Festival of SIN)
[LAP] – Bet Your Bottom Dollar (Festival of SIN)
Thanks darwie for making this little vid for me.

18 de fevereiro de 2012

Back to Black 2

I didn´t want to leave Back to Black on a negative note because there is always hope, love for everyone who´s life is affected. So no matter how dark and grey things are, there are always a few butterflies to catch and dance with so that joy can follow us where ever we go.

Shape: Mine
Skin: Mynerva - Kianna
Hair: Elikatira - Over
Dress: Style A&B - Orquidea Sunshine dress (Back to Black)
Shoes: P10 Spring in Bloom Heels (Back to Black)
Eyes: Candace Hudson - Glossy Brown Moss

Butterflies: Alirium (group gift)

13 de fevereiro de 2012

P.S. I love you

New elikatira mesh, yes i am screaming like a little girl and is so pretty, i always loved her work even before this incarnation now it´s even better in mesh. And was my choice for this Valentines blog, a story of long distance love and the frustration of not having the one you love near you. Happy Valentines everyone, take the time to enjoy those you love, near or far.

Shape: Mine
Skin: Mynerva - Kianna
Eyes: Laqroki - Reflect truedark eyes
Hair: Elikatira - Abbey
Pants - JANE - wide leg pant.loungers
Sweater: Maitreya  - Athena Sweater
Boots: Maitreya Alexa Wedges
M.O.C.K.  Cosmetics - Blackest Night Shadow (eyeshadow)
M.O.C.K.  Cosmetics - Mouthy Mock- Charming [lip/teeth]

12 de fevereiro de 2012

Back to Black

Not much to say about this event except it´s certainly worth visiting Back to Black:

"Shop hundreds of exclusive fashion items by dozens of participating designers at Back to Black, a mental well being awareness event by CHIC Management."

Read the testimonies and help those who have to live with situations that not only affect them but all their loved ones.

Shape: mine
Skin: Glam Affair - Valentine skin (The dressing Room)
Eyes: Candace Hudson - Glossy Brown Moss
Hair: booN
Dress: u.f.o - spread black ink (Back to Black)
Shoes: Ingenue - Gatsby Heels (COLLABOR88)
Neck and shoulders piece: Shi (Back to Black)

Chair: Lisp
Poses: Several besides one chair sit from several locations

9 de fevereiro de 2012


This one is a very different kind of blog post, sometime ago while talking to a friend we talked about prespective and how people see the same situation in different ways.

So me and my partner decided to give this a try, we picked together 3 diferent poses each picked an outfit and each took 3 pictures in the same couple pose, the idea was to see how we see us in the same situation, and was lovely seeing myself tru his eyes.

Shaman´s eyes

Ely´s eyes

I am not gonna analyse any of these pics, because i would probably suck at it all i can say is i do love his pics, the warmer colors and his use of shadows probably more than i love mine.

What i did take from this is i wish i could see myself more tru others peoples eyes so far i love the results. Thank you darwie for doing this with me.


Skin: Mynerva -Kianna Apricot
Eyes: Cool Beans - Soulful Eyes - Autumn
Jacket: Mon Tissu
Jeans: Zaara : Classic Jeans 
Boots:  TonkTastic - 50's Jump Boots
Socks: TonkTastic - Sock Tops Add-On
Makeup:  M.O.C.K. Cosmestics


Skin and Shape: PXL - Daniel (shape was modified)
Hairbase: MCCXI - hairbase
Eyes: DNA-  Rady
Shoes : 380 - Voyager
Jeans: Hoorenbeek - Classic Jeans 
Jacket: Hoorenbeek - Corduroy Jacket - Mesh - Beige - M
Shirt: Hoorenbeek - Shirt for Jacket - Mesh - LightBlue - HighRise
Shoes : 380 - Voyager

18 de dezembro de 2011

Mrs. Grinch

Another mix of several things from several places now in a more season mood if a naughty one: I was dying to wear these claws, after seeing them everywhere, blogs and feeds and finally had an excuse to do it when i found this lovely sleigh in the Gothmas by Gaslight hunt, i turned into a proper Mrs. Grinch, which is quite fitting since I have failed to do any xmas shopping at all yet.

Shape: Mine
Skin:  Glam Affair- Layla Light - tropicana BL ( The Dressing Room)
Eyes:  Laqroki ~ Reflect truedark eyes
Hair: Elikatira - Again
Top: {bilo} - Special hunt gift ( Gothmas by Gaslight Hunt )
Pants: League - Zipped Leather Pants  ( Four Corners)
Shoes: Nardcotix - MANA Moshi Red ( The with Love Hunt)
Necklace - LaGyo - Sachin necklace (Four Corners)
Makeup: M.O.C.K. -   Lae's Painted Feather ( Gothmas by Gaslight Hunt )
Claws: [ni.Ju] Claws

Poses: Miamai Model Poses - InMutatio - Lazy Sundays
Sleigh: Cracked - Gothmas Sleigh ( Gothmas by Gaslight Hunt )