9 de fevereiro de 2012


This one is a very different kind of blog post, sometime ago while talking to a friend we talked about prespective and how people see the same situation in different ways.

So me and my partner decided to give this a try, we picked together 3 diferent poses each picked an outfit and each took 3 pictures in the same couple pose, the idea was to see how we see us in the same situation, and was lovely seeing myself tru his eyes.

Shaman´s eyes

Ely´s eyes

I am not gonna analyse any of these pics, because i would probably suck at it all i can say is i do love his pics, the warmer colors and his use of shadows probably more than i love mine.

What i did take from this is i wish i could see myself more tru others peoples eyes so far i love the results. Thank you darwie for doing this with me.


Skin: Mynerva -Kianna Apricot
Eyes: Cool Beans - Soulful Eyes - Autumn
Jacket: Mon Tissu
Jeans: Zaara : Classic Jeans 
Boots:  TonkTastic - 50's Jump Boots
Socks: TonkTastic - Sock Tops Add-On
Makeup:  M.O.C.K. Cosmestics


Skin and Shape: PXL - Daniel (shape was modified)
Hairbase: MCCXI - hairbase
Eyes: DNA-  Rady
Shoes : 380 - Voyager
Jeans: Hoorenbeek - Classic Jeans 
Jacket: Hoorenbeek - Corduroy Jacket - Mesh - Beige - M
Shirt: Hoorenbeek - Shirt for Jacket - Mesh - LightBlue - HighRise
Shoes : 380 - Voyager

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